Semiyard Driver App

Company Story

An app that provides hands on semi truck parking solutions to truckers on their finger tips and within 5 minutes. The SemiYard Driver App is up and running flawlessly and we are Ready to Scale!

We want truckers not to park at the freeway exits and sleep at night. It is not safe. We will provide them a safe, secure, and affordable parking space in no time.


Our Vision is to provide safe, convenient, and affordable parking space to each trucker in United States.


Our Mission is to solve the truck parking problem and save roads from dangerous traffic hazards. We strive to facilitate trucking industry by reducing costs with efficient and effective, logical and technological solutions.


Our approach is simply identifying a trucking industry problem and offering a solution to help industry grow rapidly.

We Are AirBnB For Trucks!

Book A Truck Parking

Semiyard Driver App offers truck drivers to book a Truck Parking seamlessly in Real-Time!

  • Find truck parking
  • Seamless sign up
  • Affordable
  • Real-time availability
  • Seamless Payments
  • Problem Solved!

Problem we Strive to Solve

Truck Parking

Truckers need parking spaces after dropping off the loads and for home time. Currently, there is 1 parking available for 11 trucks. The number of trucks are growing with growing economy but the parking spaces and yards are shrinking.

“There is only 1 Parking available for 11 Trucks in the United States. ”

Truck Parking Shortage

Solutions to the Problem

Semiyard is committed to build a huge network of truck parking throughout the U.S. to solve the truck parking shortage problem. Our commitment and perseverance is enough to tackle this huge problem as the solutions are not easy. They require heavy investments and time to construct the truck parking infrastructure.

A long-term lease of the parking slot is also an option for the truckers in their hometowns to plan the loads and their day more conveniently.

We want truckers to be safe and secure and find a parking spot instantly when in need.

Increasing the number of Parking Locations

Adding excess Parking spaces in Warehouses, Shipping & Receiving, casinos, motels and any propoerty that is appoved for truck parking in our network.

Establishing new Parking Locations

Constructing new parking yards where there is a high demand of the parking for trucks.

Utilizing available M1 & M2 properties better!

Listing current parking M1 & M2 properties, yards and slots on our app to offer these slots to truckers in real-time.

List you Property at Semiyard!
Become a Yard Partner!

Become a Truck Parking Yard owner and List your yard at Semiyard Driver App for Real-time & Seamless bookings.