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Turn Your Vacant
Land Into A Semiyard

Do you have a vacant land that can be turned into a M1 or M2 property, anywhere in U.S.? OR Already owns a Parking Yard? List it on Semiyard!

  • Complete Property Leased
  • Anywhere in USA
  • No owner's Liability
  • Partial - Few Slots Leased
  • Seamless Payments
  • Property Staging

Our Amazing Services

Parking Yard Consulting

Let's discuss how your M1 or M2 zoned property or bare land can make you a lot more money than you are making right now, with no hassle whatsoever.

Just Money - No Liabilities

The yard owner will just get the money every month with no hassle or liabilities involved for both partial & complete yards leased.

List your Yard in a Day

Lease and list your Yard in less than 24 hours, seamlessly, once you are ready to list. We just need a simple short form filled.

Seamless Payments

The yard partners will get paid for each slot booked at Semiyard on every first of the month. This applies to both partial and complete property leasers.

Customer Support

We always plan for contingencies but they are inevitable. Our Customer Support Team is there 24/7 for your help. We are sure that you will hardly need it. Ever!

Property Staging

Once yard owner signs the leasing contract (complete property or a few slots), our team will stage the property as per Semiyard standards.

Want to list your yard or property?

We lease full property or a few truck parking slots(For current yard owners). Get monthly payments seamlessly.

How it Works

Fill "List your yard" Form

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Lease Discussion & Signup

Our team will get back to you with in 24 hours to discuss details

Yard Partner Set up

Yard Partner's account will be processed with payment integration

Yard appears on Semiyard App

The yard is listed on Semiyard app and bookings are on!